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Translations and Legalizations for Studying in Bulgaria


Translations and Legalizations for Studying in Bulgaria

Arto Translations Agency is a translation agency located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria with 12-year experience! Don’t hesitate to trust us.

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Studying in a foreign country like Bulgaria requires paperwork that verifies your legal status and qualifications. This includes translations and legalizations of your documents. We provide translation and legalization services for students in the last 12 years, and you can rely on our rich experience, also the prefect quality of our work. Your translations will be performed by sworn qualified translators with mother tongue Bulgarian.


This is the process of transforming your written documents from one language to another. For studying in Bulgaria, you need to have all your vital documents translated into Bulgarian. These might include your birth certificate, academic records, diploma, A levels, power of attorney, and any other document requested by the Bulgarian institution. Translations need to be correct and accurately reflect the original document, so it is recommended to hire a professional translator. In addition, we can assist you with the whole process and communicate with the Bulgarian institutions instead of you in case you need additional information. It is cost effective to translate and legalize your documents in Bulgaria, because prices in Bulgaria are lower and our company provides special offers for students and companies hiring students!!!


This process confirms the authenticity of the document and officially recognizes it in the host country. The Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate in your home country is usually in charge of providing you with legalization services and apostille.

Please note that procedures may vary depending on your country of origin and its agreements with Bulgaria, so it is always advised to consult with relevant authorities or the institution where you plan to study.

Usually once apostilled and translated, your documents need to be notarized by a Bulgarian notary. We offer notarization of your documents with express service! You can get your documents translated and notarized in a day!

In conclusion, translations and legalizations are important steps to prepare for studying in Bulgaria or any other foreign country. They allow your personal and academic documents to be recognized and accepted abroad. You need to ensure that you have enough time to accomplish these processes as they can be time-consuming and may affect your study schedule if not completed in time.

Since 2023, all Bulgarian universities require an equivalence certificate from РУО (RUO – Regional Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria). This process may be very long and requires your presence in Bulgaria. We have good partnership with some RUOs in Bulgaria, so we can provide full assistance to recognize your education in Bulgaria.

Types of Translations and Legalizations for Studying in Bulgaria Needed for Bulgarian Institutions

  • Diploma Translation and Legalization: You must start by translating and legalizing your high school diploma such as A levels diploma, Leaving Certificate. Ensure that you get these done by a certified translator who can provide a diploma signature and stamp to verify authenticity.
  • Transcript Translation and Legalization: Your high school transcript of records also needs to be translated and legalized. This document shows your academic performance throughout high school.
  • Identity Document Translation: In some cases you need to translate your identity documents (such as your passport, identity cards).
  • Birth Certificate Translation and Legalization: Some universities may require an authenticated translation of your birth certificate.
  • Certificate of No Criminal Records Translation and Legalization: In some cases, you might also need to provide a translated and legalized document proving you have no criminal records.
  • Language Proficiency Certificate Translation: If your language proficiency certificate (like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) is not in English, it might need to be translated.
  • Reference Letters Translation and Legalization: If you have any reference letters, they might need to be translated and legalized.
  • Medical Certificate Translation and Legalization: Some Bulgarian universities require a legalized and translated medical certificate indicating that you are fit to pursue your studies.

Remember, the requirements may vary from one university to another. It’s always better to check with the respective Bulgarian university for their specific requirements. 

List of Bulgarian universities we translate for:

  1. Plovdiv Medical Universitymedical university plovdiv
  2. Sofia Medical University
  3. Varna Medical University
  4. Burgas Medical University
  5. Stara Zagora Medical University
  6. Pleven Medical University

Common Challenges and Solutions in Translation and Legalization Process

  • Legal Terminology – Legal translation usually involves translating legal terminologies, which often cannot be translated literally due to their unique meaning in the legal context of the source language.
  • Solution: Legal Experts – Translators of Arto Translations Ltd who specialize in legal translation and have a deep understanding of the legal systems of both the source and target languages can overcome this challenge. A combination of linguistic skills and legal knowledge is essential for accurate legal translation.
  • Varying Legal Systems – Different countries have different legal systems, with specific laws and regulations that do not have an equivalent in other countries. This difference can lead to difficulties in translating legal documents from one language to another.

Solution: Comparative Law Knowledge – Translators of Arto Translations Ltd have high level of understanding not just the language, but also the laws, regulations, and legal systems of the countries that use the source and target languages.

  • Confidentiality – Legal documents often contain sensitive information that needs to remain confidential.
  • Solution: Non-Disclosure Agreements – Arto Translations Ltd includes assurance of confidentiality in their terms and conditions to overcome this issue.
  • Deadlines – Legal documents are often required to be translated within short deadlines.

Solution: Project Management – Arto Translations Ltd offers project management to ensure that translations are completed within the timeline.

  • Legalization – Translated legal documents often need to be legalized or notarized to be officially recognized in another country, which can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Solution: Full-Service Providers – Arto Translations Ltd offers additional services such as notarization, certification, and legalization of translated legal documents, which can save clients a lot of time and hassle.

We provide translations and legalizations for students who:

Send your request now! You just need to scan or take a photo of your documents and send it to оr what’s up or viber to +3590876070221 We will discuss your documents. We guarantee your success.