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Editing and proofreading

Editing text

The need for text editing occurs when we prepare our written work (students, students, postgraduates, etc.), their site, article, textbook, book or translate for the Bulgarian or foreign market description, content, manner of use of goods we offer . And, of course, in many other cases I have not listed here.

The precise eye and the knowledge of the editor are essential in this type of activity. The accessible Google translator often does a bad service because the words and sentences are largely out of place, not arranged according to the language of our language, leaving the reader with perplexity, smile, irritation. And ultimately unwillingness to search for meaning in what you read. But in order to sell your goods, your client needs to be informed accurately, quickly and literate, not to ask questions, but to receive a response for everything you offer him. Your text should not even leave room for questions.

In order to get the desired appreciation of your written work, it must be literate and deeply familiar with the language you use. We do not change the meaning of what you wrote, nor your statement, arguments, and purposes. Our activity consists in the literate and precise use of the language in which your work is written.

Arto Translections also offers this much needed service to its customers.

Edit text:

  • clarity, consistency and accuracy when exposing the basic idea
  • correct word order in the sentences
  • spelling and punctuation
  • shaping the text

Whatever the reason you need our text editing service, you should know that you will get quick, qualitative and specialized help. Every customer can be comfortable because our editors’ qualifications are at the highest level.

It is important for us to respect the company secret clause we offer along with each service.