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Make an order following the instructions:

  1. Please fill up the contact form and attach the file for translation (preferably: .pdf, .jpeg, .doc,.docx,.odt). If you meet a problem with the contact form, kindly send us an email on or call on +359-876-070-221.
  2. Our representative will make an offer and contact you.
  3. If you like our offer and would like to work together, please, pay in one of the following methods:
  • In our office
  • Bank transfer
  • Postal money transfer of Bulgarian posts
  • Postal money transfer of Econt Express
  • Money gram
  1. You can get the ready translation personally at our office or through a courier on the specified by you address.

If you need help, do not hesitate to contact us on the telephones. We work every day.

GSM: +359-876-070-221

Skype: tarto26

Addres: city of Plovdiv, № 35 Knyaz Alexandar I Str., fl. 2nd

Best regards Tatyana Nachkova – manager of ARTO – agency for translation and legalization services

A translation page contains 1800 characters (including spaces). A “translation page” is a translated text page. In this sense, the price of the transfer is determined precisely by the number of pages translated, not the number of pages of the original. The number of spaces is measured by a word processor from the tools menu -> word count -> characters with spaces;
ARTO reserves the right to change the price list without notice.

Note: In cases where Consular Stamping is required to be authenticated on the legalization document, the amount required for this is added. It is different for each consular representation in Bulgaria. Legalization prices do not include translation costs, courier costs and any other additional costs that may arise in the process of legalizing the document. Arto reserves the right to change prices without prior notice and is not liable for non-compliance due to delay by a third party.